What is The Story Tent?

The Story Tent website provides easily accessible online teaching materials to support KS2 pupils as they learn more about Religion and Worldviews through the lens of story. It provides a range of resources that seek to develop intercultural and interfaith dialogue through an inquiry-based approach with an exploration of difference at its heart. The Story Tent approach equips pupils with the confidence they need to live well in our increasingly globalised and diverse societies. 


A range of on-line and in-person events through which you can participate in building and using Story Tent resources.

The Story Bank

The stories in the Story Bank are great resources to use in the classroom.

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Sunday, September 18, 2022 Anne Moseley
This month we are excited to announce the publication of “Scriptural Reasoning for Primary Schools” - How to share and explore sacred texts and their stories, published by Grove Educational. “Now is the time for us to be developing encounters that build trust through open dialogue about things that matter where religion is explicitly part of the conversation.”

Story Tent at Coventry Cathedral

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