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Friday, October 09, 2020

Dr Anne Moseley will be speaking about intercultural encounters and the Story Tent as part of the live-streamed event "Why Interfaith?" on Thursday 15th October  between 12.00 and 1.30 pm. Anne will be appearing with Qari Asim MBE (Trustee of Christian Muslim Forum, Chair of Mosques & Imams National Advisory Board and Senior Editor of ImamsOnline), Asma Meer (Founder of Peace of Cake), and Rt Revd Dr Toby Howarth (Bishop of Bradford).

Learning to communicate

The Story Tent provides age-appropriate resources to help pupils to become effective communicators and agents of change in an increasingly globalised world. It helps them to develop the confidence and skills to live well with difference in our increasingly interfaith and intercultural societies.

A safe place for exploration

The Story Tent creates a safe space where pupils can bring their full identity and experiences to the encounter. It is a place which exists outside of right and wrong to reflect a variety of beliefs, holding different views in tension to create points of connection across religious and cultural boundaries.

A catalyst for building connections

The Story Tent provides a context which can act as a catalyst to bring together and build bridges across different religious and non-religious communities. It provides a public space where children can develop acceptance and understanding of others whilst still honoring genuine differences in religious and cultural beliefs.

The Story Tent was born from a research program to understand how children can be helped to 'live well with difference' - to develop good communication and relationship skills for a diverse world.
Humanists believe science provides the most reliable source of knowledge about the universe. To understand more fully the how the world was formed, we should look to the theories that have come out of scientific research. Theme: Creation Community: Humanism
The stories in the Story Bank are great resources to use in the classroom, but they come alive when they are structured into a Story Tent day - here are some ideas on how to do this.

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