These stories are all about peacemakers. The stories are:

  • Aaron (Judaism)
  • The Kaaba (Islam)
  • The Hunters (Humanism)
  • Saul and Ananias (Christianity)
  • The Sharabha Deer (Buddhism)

This is a story about Aaron, the brother of Moses. We don’t hear very much about his personality in the Torah, but we are told that after he died, the entire people cried for thirty days. He must have been very loved!

Theme: How can we be peacemakers?

Community: Judaism

We often think of making peace as an absence of conflict, but sometimes peace comes through building bridges across difficult relationships. Being a peacemaker can sometimes involve being brave, taking a risk and reaching out towards others who may not see things in the same way.

Theme: How can we be peacemakers?

Community: Christianity

This story tells us about a disagreement in a village where some of the hunters had not behaved in a way the other villagers had hoped. It describes how we all need to take responsibility for being peacemakers together. It is a story that has been written especially for the Story Tent project.

Theme: How can we be peacemakers?

Community: Humanism

The Jataka tales are ancient narratives which are believed to have been told by the Buddha himself. They were retold between 300BC and 400AD and form part of the sacred literature from the Buddhist tradition. This story demonstrates how the Sharabha deer and the king created a peaceful environment for all to live in safety.

Theme: How can we be peacemakers?

Community: Buddhism

This story comes from the Hadith - stories about the life of the Prophet Muhammad. In it we see how Muhammad managed a dispute about who would carry the black stone when the Ka’aba was being rebuilt.

Theme: How can we be peacemakers?

Community: Islam