These stories are all about leadership. The stories are:

  • The Kingdom of Pyrama (Humanism)
  • Servant Leadership (Christianity)
  • Straw Boats Borrow Arrows (Confucianism)
  • Moses and Pharoah (Islam)
  • Moses (Judaism)
  • Mai Bhago and the Forty Liberated Ones (Sikhism)

Humanists believe in a set of values that help people to live well. A good leader, they believe, will demonstrate these positive values. Humanists do not have any particular sacred texts; this story was written to illustrate the importance of collaborative leadership. 

Theme: What makes a good leader?

Community: Humanism

Jesus taught that a good leader is one who is there to serve others and he showed this throughout the way that he lived. In this story, Jesus shows his disciples a very practical way of serving. He wanted to show his disciples that a good leader is one who serves and looks out for the needs of others.

Theme: What makes a good leader?

Community: Christianity

This story is about a famous military strategist Zhu Ge Liang and comes from the Confucian tradition. The stories about Zhu Ge Liang show he has lots of knowledge of astronomy, geography, military strategy etc, but he also has the ability to come up with original and effective plans by using this knowledge. A very wise leader.

Theme: What makes a good leader?

Community: Confucianism

In the Qur’an, the holy scripture for Muslims, there are many stories about Moses. He is described as a messenger of God who was sent to the people of Israel.

Theme: What makes a good leader?

Community: Islam

Moses is undoubtedly the greatest leadership model for Jewish people. Moses is known in Judaism as being the most humble person that walked on the earth. Look carefully for his reaction, how does he respond to this devastating news?

Theme: What makes a good leader?

Community: Judaism

The Sikh faith began in the 15th Century (AD) in Punjab, North-West India. The first Guru was Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Sikhs are also inspired by historical texts written by Sikhs during the 16th to 18th centuries -this story comes from these texts.

Theme: What makes a good leader?

Community: Sikhism